name bribe pa
more excellent
copycat royalty
kono create your
image not just
gaya gaya pilipino
songs are a must
in p i not english
you can"t
speak nor endorse
watch out grace
will fall in the
right time nothing
is permanent in
this earth!!! :
watch out good luck !!
sarah fan : mas magaling si sarah kc di nga sya nag-aral pero excellent perforrmer, di ba?
name royalty no
college diploma
can't speak
english copycat
songs here in
america no class
act asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual you
house but no class
act!!! :
message mingling with daniel padilla dross you are too old for him !
jimmixzsq : 1kpy7j
jimmixzsq : rwlidh
name royalty hard
to compare
education your
compe****ors are
degree holder
yours is
experience best
teacher then
parents are
yours not
compe****ors are
rich since birth
yours rose from
rank most
beautiful yours
job nose
compe****ors are
natural beauty
like maine mendoza
she is born rich
parents are
prominent yours
parents nothing
they depend on you
can"t live
without you goo
daughter your
mother clinch so
much on you coz
the might be out
of nothing
royalty yours but
no you have
mansion cash
houses but no
class act asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual :
be natural !!
test : test
name royalty
too much old
-daniel padilla
why not to mateo g
to b paird with
this fake royalty
gurang na kasi so
manahan is looking
for younger to be
with royalty hot
na hot na siya
imagine asking
kissing scene from
piolo pascual no
class act then now
to daniel p hot
na hot si royalty
beware padilla you
might e magnetized
by this future
darna kono most
iconic beauiful
abscbn watch
alden beware !
experience best
teacher copycat
only be original :
go to your bf mateo not padilla !!!
gusirfbfndl : bskg9t <a href="">uvojybiobffq</a>, [url=]lipozpmay
barnypok : upgvip
name royalty
geronimo you as
considered as
lucky in showbiz,
the reality when
compared to others
you far beyond
compare with ms
lea salonga _ she
has brain and
education you are
based on your
belief that your
best teacher is
experience which
education is much
more accredited
without college
diploma is nothing
in other channel
there are
celebrities are
degree holder with
honors _ magna cum
laude<suma com
laude <cum
laude and right
they can portray a
professional role
because the have a
degree unlike you
portrying a law
student which it
never exist on
your education
whom are you
fooling or just to
have a gimmicks to
the viewers that
is not right and
you had a grand
speech to the
graduates what a
joke you can not
even speak simple
english i am not
belittling your
image but i read
on your article
and not only you
made mentioned
that all the
things you are
doing are not for
monies is that a
joke your parents
depend on you you
raised them up
from poverty so
kindly not be a
hyporite because
you are not born
rich unlike
others they are
prominent and just
be yourself do not
copycat here in
the u s please
just be yourself
you have mansion
lot odf cash but
please have a
decency of not
just accepting all
things rely on
what you are came
from a not well to
do family rose
from the rank you
are a good
daughter but no
pretentions you
are not royalty
have calss act i
know that you are
favorite of
manahan you are
but gary v is much
qualified than you
he has all this
education how
about you ? :
goo luck
1acuedipfyut8c : 1acugtvlymr12y
name royalty
geronimo too
much gimmicks now
manahan is trying
to bond the
royalty to young
ones like james
padilla to be more
catching eyes to
the people expert
in english -james
no matter what
royalty is getting
older claiming
royalty since
there more
royalties than she
her mother is
beautician can't
compare to other
celebrity coz they
born rich since
birth like maine
mendoza parents
are prominent and
with personality
but this singer
regarded as most
beautiful with
enhancement nose
job skin whitening
then beautiful
reveals from the
roots so don't
regardyourself as
royalty umangat
ka lang thanks to
lord vocational
course advocate
experience best
teacher beauty
and brain si maine
mendoza how about
you coach ka you
don't have any
education in music
like lea salonga
loaded miss saigon
where is your bf
dapat show your
sincerity hindi si
john llyod ang
partner :
message english can't speak
jennygarlet :
name royalty pwe : message lagay lang kay mr.m
gordon : tnotgt
name royalty kono
ang lakas mo how
expert in
contestant, did
you has a formal
education in
judging a
contesant or just
you are good in
pa_aura lang
malaks sa
management ng abs
cbn kahit walang
experience in
being a coach
lakas ng singer na
ito yet there out
there who are more
qualified than her
because is the
master of all
favorite niya ito
si royalty kahit
ano pa!!! sana
yong mga directors
na nagpapalagay at
yong mga
naglalagay ay
magkaroon din
changes so fair
shake lahat
nagkakapera hindi
lang si geronimo
ang may project!!
president of abs
cnn look out
clean any bad
practice change is
coming!! :
messageequal opportunity sa lahat hindi sa isa lang na geronimo !!!
matt : uetmfd
chaba : 6vwdir
lylzmvfd : qv1qfe <a href="">dppmqkluntro</a>, [url=]gbtgxpquo